Mousin' Around

August 15, 1998

August 1998 finally saw me buy a pinball machine after 25 years of wanting one. (It was a square footage issue).
Here is the Birth Announcement i mailed out for Mousin' Around.;

The Waterbury Balaska's are pleased to announce a new addition to our family.

"Mousin' Around" was born in Chicago Friday, January 19, 1990 at the Bally factory weighing 270 pounds and was adopted by us on August 15, 1998.

Chris and i took his Trooper to a pinball show somewhere in the swamps of Jersey on a hot August afternoon, with the intention of picking up a pin for less than $1000 at a show at the Wayne Elks Lodge,

After walking the indoor and outdoor loops twice, the choices were F14-Tomcat for $550, Mousin' Around for $850, Gilligan's Island for $1000. Gorgar for $700 was a brief consideration. We scrutinized a Taxi for $750, but the duct tape on one of the ramps severely hindered gameplay.

There was also a SafeCracker for $1300. Chris and i have been recently playing this new (1997) machine at the local arcade and really enjoyed it. Although a fantastic price, it was above my price point, but not Chris'. :)

I have never played Mousin' Around, in fact i'd never heard of it. But the machine was in excellent shape. We each played it a couple of times and thought that it would be a good home game, wot with raising 2 future pinheads, and breaking in a pinwife. Good ruleset, yet not too difficult to play.

The F14 was very nice, but it isn't a beginner's game because of the upper flippers and the "slam the ball at the player from a hidden location" feature.

I noticed that Mousin' didn't have any big tits on it, a must for a self respecting pinball machine. But i thought this would be ok, wrt the above mentioned children.

So the finalists were i would buy Mousin' Around, or Chris would buy SafeCracker. We had enough CASH ONLY and cargo space for one machine. He left it as my choice.

The SafeCracker wasn't plugged in and we asked the vendor if we could try it. He borrowed a 100ft extension cord from a guy, and we each played. I even won a token. But the machine got confused several times. Chris (and the vendor) each decided that it was a just a stuck switch, an easy fix. I wasn't convinced, especially when it got very lost during the video/game board mode where it ain't reading any switches!

So i picked Mousin' Around.

This game is priced competitively at 3 plays for a dollar, so stop by and shoot some pins sometime. ;)

Marlene after playing for one night, has already moved past the (nonexistent) second machine, and is planning the third.

Oh, and while i was playing last night, i noticed one of the cats on the backglass was dreaming about a girl cat with big tits, so it's got that requirement handled too.

Since Chris didn't get a machine, he was itchin'. Two weeks later again found us road tripping in his Trooper.
This time, we were off to Bethlehem, PA and Lee Sandt's place, where Chris purchased a beautiful Medieval Madness.
But that's his story...:)
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